Practically (Dys)Functional

44AD, Bath, UK, February 2018

An installation of pieces entitled Practically (Dys)Functional.  A playful study into cup handles and rims, with a sub-text of dysfunctionality in relationships.

Practically, adv.

  1. In a practical manner; in practice; as a matter of fact, actually; in reality (frequently opposed to theoretically, speculatively, or formally). Formerly also: †effectively, as seen in practice (opposed to nominally, professedly) (obs.).

  2. So far as concerns practice; for practical purposes; to all intents and purposes, as good as; almost; in effect, virtually.  (OED, 2018)

Dysfunctional, adj.  

  1. Of or relating to dysfunction; that disrupts or impairs proper, normal, or satisfactory function; not operating normally.

  2. Chiefly Sociol. and Psychol. Exhibiting or characterised by dysfunction; (of social interactions, family relationships, etc.) disruptively aberrant or abnormal, esp. when harmful to the emotional well-being of those involved; (of a person, group, family, etc.) incapable of forming or conducting normal social relations; maladjusted. (OED, 2018)

OED, Oxford English Dictionary (2018)